Apple – do they get it?

First up the good news. A quick search of Apple’s 2020 sustainability report reveals 11 matches for “shipping”! Encouraging…

They say they are extending their goal of “total carbon neutrality by 2030″ across their whole supply chain, “All the way down to the shipping that moves our products around the world”.

Great! How?

“In addition to transportation efficiencies that reduce our carbon footprint, we continue to partner with our shipping suppliers to leverage fleet improvements, sustainable fuels, and supply chain efficiencies.”

This sounds good, but remains infuriatingly vague. If Apple wanted to invest some of its mind-boggling $192.8 billion cash reserves, it could fundamentally shift the shipping sector onto new propulsion systems. (See our “Solutions” page)

So we have to assume Apple are just talking about pseudo-science “offsetting” to meet their net zero 2030 goal – i.e. paying poor people to cut emissions while leaving its own world-straddling fossil fuelled supply chain as is.

Steve jobs would be rolling in his grave at the lack of ambition and vision.

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