Fossil fuel industry’s best friend

Global shipping is an untaxed, multi-billion dollar sector burning the cheapest and most toxic of fossil fuels.

The industry pumps out 1 BILLION tonnes of greenhouse gases a year. This is as much planet-heating pollution as produced from 243 coal plants.

The air pollution produced by dirty ships causes 6.4 MILLION cases of childhood asthma globally. It also contributes to 240,000 deaths from heart and lung diseases every year.

Enough is enough. To governments and companies: SORT YOUR SHIP OUT!

Make a global polluter pay

Putting a global price on pollution from shipping is one of the most important ways governments can deliver on their climate commitments. Over 100 countries world-wide are supporting this crucial policy, as well as the World Bank, UNCTAD, the EU Commission, WWF, and others.

Requiring shipping companies to pay a fee for every tonne of pollution from vessels is key for pushing out cheap fossil fuels from the industry, by making them more expensive.

It would also generate significant revenues, worth BILLIONS of dollars a year! This funding is needed for cleaning up the industry and for helping developing and low-income countries adapt to this transition and strengthen their climate resilience.

That’s why we’re pushing governments to agree on a levy at the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) of at least $150/tonne of pollution and an equitable revenue distribution.


We demand governments take climate action on shipping, including a meaningful emissions levy at the UN, to clean up the industry in an equitable way.


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